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Kittie Lonsdale

Kittie Lonsdale

Trained in the UK as a fashion designer, Kittie brings the same design sensibility to creating a home tailored perfectly to her clients' lifestyle. Her passion is helping New York homeowners to live graciously in small spaces, and creating highly functional apartments that are a pleasure to come home to.

Kittie's innovative work in apartment design and renovation has been featured in many prestigious print and online publications, including the New York Times, the New York Post, Apartment Therapy and HGTV.

She loves living and working in beautiful Tudor City, and enjoys giving back to her community by contributing to fundraising for Tudor City Greens Parks.

A firm believer that every day is a special occasion, Kittie is chronically color-coordinated and never met a pair of brightly colored shoes she didn't love.

Kittie is blissfully married to her childhood sweetheart and has 2 super grown-up kids. She is constantly wanting to lose 5 lb.

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