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"Thank you for all your hard work designing and managing the renovations to my apartment. I very much appreciate your attention to detail and ability to keep the project on the fast track! It was a lovely experience to work with you!"
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"I manage the practice of a prestigious plastic surgeon who recently took over an office on the Upper East Side. He wanted to keep the classic charm of a prewar space while providing a clean and comfortable atmosphere for his patients. We hired Kittie and her team from Life Style Design to take on the project and she did an amazing job! She was able to revitalize our tired space into a bright and charming office all while keeping the integrity of the classic prewar style evident in each design choice. Kittie and her team were always on time and promptly picked up any call regarding a question or an update from any of the staff at the office. She was open to ideas and gladly discussed each design option and price before the final product was ordered for installation. Her team was able to complete a total overhaul of the space including new electrical, paint, plaster repair, flooring, cabinetry, and kitchen. Kittie made sure she was in constant contact with the contractor and followed up personally with any issue that arose. Our entire office is so thankful we found Kittie and her team and would recommend them highly!"
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"I happily recommend Kittie Lonsdale with the highest regard, she designed my Manhattan apartment with impeccable vision, attentive listening and understanding of the client's needs, and fine attention to detail. Changes were quickly incorporated and always readily accepted. She worked tirelessly to ensure the customer's vision and expectations were always met and exceeded. A consummate professional, and a must for the design of any apartment with expertise in small spaces."
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"I bought a very small apartment in Manhattan thinking that there was no way I could design it with all the amenities I wanted. Kittie Lonsdale proved me wrong! She was highly recommended by a well-known Realtor, and I can't even begin to write how Kittie changed my life. She is not only professional but a caring and understanding individual who listens and works with her clients above and beyond. She designed my apartment to fit everything I needed and wanted better than I could ever have imagined. When I did my walk-through at the end of construction, I was overwhelmed at the apartment's warmness and beauty. I have and will recommend Kittie to anyone looking to work with a true and wonderful professional. I smile every time I walk into my home, and thank her every day!"
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"Lifestyle Space Design completely exceeded our expectations, designing from 'bare walls' a 16,000 square foot office environment that perfectly meets the needs of our Private Investment Bank, completing the project on time and at price what was below the budget we had established. From the stone floors and richly paneled walls to the subtly designed lighting, our offices create an impression of successful permanence. Kittie Lonsdale has a unique facility for interpreting the desires of her clients and delivering a finished product that will amaze them."
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"The prospect of combining two apartments into one was daunting! Kittie virtually held our hands through the entire process, making us feel comfortable every step of the way. Flexible in her design and meticulous in execution, she was able to seamlessly join two very disparate apartments into one unified home. Kittie was extremely solution-oriented, always finding a way to satisfy our vision within the boundaries of our budget. And the quality of her work was consistent, whether working out the grand design scheme or retooling small but important details.
The result is a completely custom home that enhances the way we function on a daily basis. The layout flows so well, we can't imagine this space working any other way! Kittie's efforts not just achieved but surpassed our expectations, and we feel lucky to live in our perfect home."
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"I had the pleasure of working with Kittie Lonsdale on the renovation of my studio pied-a-terre in Tudor City. My project, though small, was a complete "redo" and Kittie was with me from start to finish. I was renovating from a distance, and needed literally everything from floor to ceiling. Small kitchen, bathroom, and closet spaces are her bailiwick and she executed mine beautifully. Kittie made everything a breeze, and was always accessible. Frankly, working with her long distance was easier than working with many contractors I have dealt with face to face! She is a stickler for detail, has great contacts and uses top notch contractors. I found her to have exquisite taste and creative ideas. All future projects I have in New York will be done with Kittie to ensure they will be done correctly. I recommend her without hesitation!"
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"When the refrigerator in our dreary 1960s-era Pullman kitchen died, we knew it was time to renovate the whole kitchen. We had seen and admired Kittie's work on the Apartment Therapy site, and since she lives in our building, we decided to hire her. This turned out to be the best decision we could have made. The materials she presented to us as suggestions (cabinets, appliances) were exactly to our taste; we doubt that we could have found anything as nice, in our price range, on our own. The construction company that she hired did an excellent job and finished within the time frame projected, and within budget—in what universe does that ever happen? Kittie dealt with the daunting amount of paperwork required by the co-op board, checked the progress of the work almost daily, provided us with frequent updates and photos of the work as it progressed, incorporated our ideas when choices had to be made, and responded to our e-mails quickly. The renovation process, which could have been a nightmare, was a dream. Because of Kittie's expertise and professionalism, it could not have been easier. And now we have a gorgeous kitchen. I cannot recommend Kittie highly enough."
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When we were looking for a new apartment in New York, we wanted somewhere with plenty of space for entertaining and salon style performances, an open and well planned kitchen so I could cook for my guests and still be a part of the action and a home office for me to run my acting/singing and producing career from.
What we bought was a spectacular view.
The apartment had a big open living area for parties but THAT was it. The "newly renovated" kitchen was dark and poorly laid out – it was like being in a cave. The rest of the space was a blank and blah canvas, and although we have spectacular views, the room never invited you to come in and sit down. I created a make shift office behind our bedroom set, and quite honestly, I didn't enjoy being in my own home. So after several years of making do, we decided what we needed was a complete overhaul and someone we trusted to oversee the entire space design – but who? A good friend recommended Kittie Lonsdale, and said she would know exactly how to make a cohesive master plan that took into account our many requirements – and boy, was he right!
From our first meeting, Kittie listened attentively to everything I said we wanted…and then went straight to work. Her designs have surpassed anything I thought was possible in our space, and her clever storage solutions have made all the difference to how we live in and enjoy our home. We now have a light, bright open kitchen which functions beautifully, a fantastic entertaining space complete with a baby grand piano for performances, and a superb home bar.
Not content with that, Kittie completely re-worked the bedroom and home office, maximizing all the storage and even creating custom furniture from her great cabinetry line, for a cohesive multi-function space to relax and work in.
Kittie was hands-on through every step, mindful of our budget, and paid meticulous attention to even the smallest detail. She makes a point to not take on too many different clients at the same time, so I knew I could call her (and I did!) anytime I needed her and/or her opinion and she was completely available, not to mention absolutely charming. In addition, the contractor she recommended and our personal friend and renovator, thoroughly enjoyed working with her AND together – a team the two of us created that worked fantastically and quickly! I can heartily recommend Lifestyle Space Design to anyone who wants to maximize space and create a beautiful home in the city.
- Raissa Katona Bennett
Broadway veteran, NY Bistro and Mac Award winner
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"Even before the close date, we knew out 330 SQ FT. studio was comically bad – the kitchen and bathroom had last seen renovation in the 1970s, a college-esque loft ate into 1/3 of the available floor space, and the paint on the walls looked like it had survived a dodge ball skirmish. Not too long after we moved in, the shower head tore itself loose from the wall which we cobbled together with duct tape (duct tape!), the vanity mirror refused to stay shut, and the oven, which probably powered coal locomotives at the turn of the 20th century, always seemed to be on. Our "furnishings" consisted of a mattress on the floor, a $10 ironing board, and an inherited wine rack of dubious origin. Yes, it was time for a full gut and redo. My wife discovered Kittie in an article that was printed in the NY Times about living small in NYC (re: "Shrink to Fit" 9.23.12). Up to that point, we had spoken with other designers who regaled us with tales of living "large", but Kittie was the only one who was actually living what she preached. If you told us back in March 2013 what our place was going to look like, we would have told you Anthony Weiner stood a better chance of running for office again. Well, Anthony Weiner IS running for office again and our place looks fabulous. I mean no-excuses, invite the neighbors-over-for-dinner-who- cares-if-we-don't –have-space-for-everyone-to-sit, fabulous.
What we most enjoyed about working with Kittie was her approach to understanding who we were, what we liked, and what was possible within our budget. No, we weren't going to get African zebra wood for our kitchen cabinets, but like everything else that Kittie touched, she was able to pull off a finished result that looked anything but budget minded. Kittie is obviously very adept at working with her suppliers and ensuring that the material quality, fit and finish, and overall look aren't scaled down to a price. In fact, as we looked through the meticulously itemized list of hardware and supplies, it was obvious to us that Kittie's was passing on all of her designer discount directly to us. So let me back up a little bit. When we first began our relationship with Kittie, we had a vague idea of what we wanted but really needed someone to help guide us through the process of getting to an overall vision of "home". We were simply overwhelmed by the amount of detail that went into this type of project: what type of handles do you choose for the cabinets, what lighting fixtures do you use, what color scheme, etc.? Rather than smothering us right away with details, Kittie presented an overall vision of the floor space and then backed into those details. This was a critical step for us, because I honestly believe that moving forward without Kittie's vision would have been impossible. Living in a tiny studio herself, she knew exactly what would work and what wouldn't.
There are a lot of designers in NYC that are quick to embrace the latest fad or trend, which is great if you only plan to live in your place for 5 years or redo it again 5 years. I would describe Kittie's sense of style as timeless elegance. We look at our place and know it's going to still look great 10 years and more from now. The rich colors without being dark and oppressive, the attention to every last inch of space, the amazing way our studio now flows from end to end without looking "over" designed are a testament to Kittie's skills not just as a designer but as someone that is intimate with small living spaces.
Kittie's time management and organization skills are impressive. There was never a week that went by where either of us were stressed about things getting done on time or us worrying about having to coordinate a delivery or schedule time for the electrician, the plumber, etc. Kittie handled everything from start to finish and made it look easy. I wish every house / apartment renovation project we undertook went this smooth. Our apartment was finished ahead of schedule and Kittie ensured that her contractor had finished everything to our very high standard (I admit, we are picky, even OCD about certain things like cabinet alignment, closet door gaps, etc.)
In summary, I would recommend Kittie to anyone who is looking to renovate their NYC apartment / studio that cares about the finished result. She is meticulous, detail oriented, budget minded, and honest. We couldn't ask for anything more and are extraordinarily happy with our newly transformed studio. Occasionally, only when in the shower, we wonder out loud how much longer that duct tape would have sustained holding up the shower head. Thankfully, we never had the chance to find out!"
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