What We Do

If you live in New York, you have space issues!
Unless you are Donald Trump, you face all the challenges of making you apartment work for your lifestyle, from inefficient kitchens and tiny bathrooms to overflowing closets and never feeling that you have enough room.


Lifestyle Space Design's mission is to create innovative, cost-effective solutions to maximize every inch of space in your home to design a gracious living environment no matter how small the footprint. We are a full-service interior design and renovation company – we handle every aspect of your renovation, from the initial design concept through all the phases of construction and décor, working with experienced, licensed and insured General Contractors to provide the highest-quality result. We manage everything to make your renovation run smoothly – with our wide range of dealerships and access to hundreds of reliable vendors, we source all appliances and fixtures and furnishings at the best possible prices, order, receive and inspect deliveries, and coordinate with contractors, building staff and management to ensure an efficient schedule. Our meticulous attention to detail gives our clients the peace of mind that we are there for them every step of the way, ensuring a renovation that is on time and on budget.

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